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The blue clay of Petrus

In the aftermath of the recent Bordeaux seminar we helped organize with Vintus I have been wondering what to share about the experience. We tasted some very good wines at a variety of price points. What lingers with me the most, as with most good wine experiences is the notion of terroir. My favorite of the line up was the Chateau La Fleur Petrus, a next-door neighbor of the famous Chateau Petrus. It was very fine indeed, at perhaps one twentieth the price of its neighbor.

The rise to fame of these right bank estates is relatively recent phenomenon. A story of tragedy (phyloxera, frost) and the subsequent re-tooling of the right bank appelations.

Petrus is a first rate wine with quality being the utmost concern. If it weren’t for that blue clay though, it would not be as famous. Such magic is imparted from the earth. We has human beings often feel so separated from ecology and yet here is a clear example of the earth plus vine equaling more than the sum of its parts. With the right nature, nurture can have its impact. Unlike the deeply rooted vines we have the ability to move about this earth seeking our piece of terroir that best expresses our unique expression.

The vine is a special creature, but it is that magical blue clay that makes Petrus.

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