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Grower Champagne

We have just had a fantastic selection of Grower Champagne arrive in time for New Year’s Eve. Grower Champagne aka “Farmer Fizz” (coined by Terry Theise) is Champagne that is produced exclusively by the farmer, from vineyard to bottle. I am always very excited when this shipment comes as these are some of my favorite wines. You get a real taste of the land these sparklers came from. This is actually quite rare in Champagne as most of the large houses are huge corporations. Although it feels nice to support a family instead of shareholders, another reason to buy Grower Champagne is that these wines rock for the price! Most of the selections I have in are either sourced from family owned Grand Cru or Premier Cru vineyards. This means that they could sell their grapes to some of the best well known houses, but because they lack the marketing budgets of the big boys the prices are a fraction of the cost for the quality in the bottle.

Unfortunately, the secret is out. Wines that I could acquire easily last year are now highly allocated. The discovery of these wines in larger epicurean markets such as New York and San Francisco will now make it much more difficult for me to obtain these gems. The savings are really huge for the price point. The wines I have in range from $60-$115 and they all drink like their better known counterparts that are twice as expensive. If you try these wines objectively I feel that you will be glad that you went with a Grower Champagne for the holidays.

Some of the producers that I have gotten in*

Vilmart & Cie
Jean Lallement & Fils
Pierre Peters
Marc Hebrart
Roland Champion
Pierre Paillard

*While Supplies last

For a current cross section of Champagne that we have in stock follow this link.

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