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About the Princeville Wine Market and what drives us.
Daniel Braun discusses a wine at the Princeville Wine Market. We are all about matching the right person to the right wine.

Making an impact in the wine world from paradise.

Wine has been woefully neglected in Hawaii. The reasons are many and varied. It may have been that darn Mai Tai or even the fact that we are so far away from everything. Whatever the reason, both residents and visitors are ready for this to change. Both myself and the team at Princeville Wine Market are honored to be playing our part in growing wine culture from our small outpost on Kauai. This island is a much smaller market than Oahu, but we are catching a lot of attention for what we are accomplishing.

We serve the North Shore of Kauai with fine wines, specialty liquors, and craft beers. We also carry a pretty spiffy selection of artisan cheese, chocolate, and other gourmet food items. Many of the items that we carry would be considered impressive for a major market such as San Francisco or Manhattan.

Our strategy for thoughtful product selections.

Although we are a smaller store, we are jam packed with product. Our strategy is to carry a little something from all of the major wine growing regions in a variety of price points. There is a clear emphasis on small production wines, but we also carry familiar brands. In each category of wine we try to have options under $20, mid-range, and in the high end. Whatever the budget is that you have in mind, we should have something interesting for you. Our goal is to strike the balance between well known brands and new discoveries. We like blowing the minds of hipster sommeliers now and again, but we have a high value on being an approachable venue for the general public. Most wine lovers are best served by a variety of wines in different price points with varying degrees of brand recognition for different occasions.

Here you will also find local and popular Hawaiian beers. Additionally, we carry a nice rotating selection of seasonal beers from the mainland as well as more traditional European beers. Your basic liquor needs are covered and then we have the some things that you may not expect find. Premium sake is available to go along with your seafood dinners.

In our gourmet section, you will find Hawaiian cheeses as well as farmstead cheeses from the mainland and Europe. There is a regular rotating selection of meats, chocolates, olives, and jams to compliment your wine.

Mission Statement: Princeville Wine Market supports and improves upon wine culture on Kauai through a thoughtful selection of products and excellent service.

Dedication to the craft as a way of life.

About the owner of this wine temple.

Daniel Braun is the owner and resident wine mystic of the Princeville Wine Market. This cozy wine boutique would be remarkable anywhere in the world, nonetheless on the North Shore of Kauai. Daniel holds the post of President for the Kauai chapter of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, the world’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious food and wine society. Through respectful and earnest relationships, from supplier to end consumer, Daniel has helped forge a pathway for many fine and rare wines to make it to Kauai and even Hawaii for the first time. His drive for learning has translated to helping others progress in the beverage industry. He is part of the the new wave of wine professionals helping to change the wine landscape in Hawaii. Kauai and his wine shop have become a magnet for wine aficionados, industry insiders, and the rich and famous.

Daniel’s time in hospitality and aloha.

Daniel has strong roots in Hawaii. He spent his teen years living on the island and had his formative introduction to hospitality occur here as a young adult. Deeply touched by the true meaning of “aloha”, Daniel was hooked by the hospitality bug. After moving back to his hometown in Florida, he started seriously studying wine while advancing his career at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay. During this time, he became a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers and a food & beverage supervisor. He assisted in the operational management of a three meal, specialty seafood, and a specialty Northern Italian restaurant. The call to come back to Hawaii was strong. Daniel took a position with the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea as an Assistant Department Head. Here he was on the opening team for a new steakhouse concept. Within a few months he had taken over the beverage program at the resort. Maui was a wonderful experience, but he knew that he would someday wish to return to Kauai. In December of 2010, he opens the Princeville Wine Market.