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Return Policy

In consideration of our customers we do not accept returns on bottles of wine because someone hasn’t gotten around to drinking it or changed their mind. We view wine as a perishable product and we cannot guarantee that a wine hasn’t been exposed to excessive heat once it has left the store. We wouldn’t want to re-sell a suspect bottle to the next customer down the line. For obvious reasons we also do not accept returns on special orders that we had to bring in for someone regardless of if the item has left the store.

We do, however, accept returns or exchanges on bottles of wine that are corked if the wine was purchased at the store within 30 days.  We ask that if returning a bottle of wine, you bring the bottle back to us so that we may have a chance to get credit from our distributor.

Online Orders- For the same reasons listed above, returns are not accepted on online orders or orders shipped out of state/county. We except no responsibility for “corked” wines for online purchases or spoilage due to transit so please keep in mind the weather conditions when having wine shipped to you. Buyers except all products “as is” and we in our part have made every attempt to accurately describe all products as much as possible. We do take responsibility for broken or missing shipments. We promise to act in good faith to send you products of the highest provenance.