Banks 5 Island Rum, 750ml

$45.00 $29.00


Banks 5 Island Rum, 750ml

$45.00 $29.00

Banks 5 Island Blend is blended in the style of classic rums from the 1920s, making it ideal for cocktails – from classics, like the Daiquiri, to more modern creations.

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Banks 5 Island Blend is a pure, dry, flavorful white rum blend with character and depth. The rum is carefully charcoal filtered to remove the pale color but retain its aroma and flavors.

A unique blend of 21 rums from 6 distilleries from 5 islands-

Trinidad: Hints of Black Strap Molasses give the blend backbone
Jamaica: Pot-stilled rums provide exceptional aromatics
Guyana: Earthy and tropical fruit notes deliver depth
Barbados: Character-filled golden rums add zest
Java: Batavia Arrack, lends a touch of spice

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