Monkey 47 Gin

Often times I learn about cool new products from my own customers. I was first tipped off to Monkey 47 gin from a good customer who had it while in Paris. This was about 6 months ago and at the time it was not yet being distributed in the USA. As I looked into acquiring this gin for the store I was surprised to find out that it had quite the endorsement from a Mr. Robert Parker Jr., who says it is the best gin he has ever tasted. Well, the Monkey 47 gin was limited before that statement and now it is even more so.

In the course of hunting down this gin, the Vice-President of Sydney Frank importing informed me of the approximate launch date in the USA as well as their Hawaii distributor.  Because of this, I was well ahead of the curve for when the product was going to make it’s Hawaii debut.

My distributor made me promise not to sell it all to one person. I get the phone call yesterday. My distributor subtly inquiring if I really want all of my order. I took the entire first allotment for Hawaii. This bodes well for all of my customers as this will make the case for an ongoing allocation.

I currently have a limited amount of 375ml half bottles that I will be selling at $55 per bottle. I only have a few 6-packs and it is unlikely there will be any left or available come the holidays. This would make the perfect gift for the gin lover with the most discerning palate.

This very rare gin comes from the Black Forrest of Germany, distilled from 47 predominantly unusual botanicals  such as lingonberries and blended with natural spring water.

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