Joseph Drouhin at the Princeville Wine Market

Drouhin Pre-sale Tasting

You are invited to a very limited tasting of Domaine Drouhin’s yet to be released 2017 Burgundies. The tasting is this Thursday 8/29/19 from 4:30-6:00pm.

Our tasting is of a shorter duration than normal. Only a limited number of bottles could be brought in ahead of the general 2017 release. There will be pre-sale sheets at your disposal for purchasing these 2017 wines. Furthermore, pricing will be very attractive if you place your order on these 2017 wines ahead of time.

The Princeville Wine Market deck will be the location for this free wine tasting. As mentioned, there are a limited number of bottles available to taste. Consequently, there is a chance we could run out of some of the rarer wines. Thus, showing up at 4:30pm would be best if you are a Burgundy fanatic.

Attendees must be 21yrs or older. Call 826-0040 or e-mail for any additional information needed.

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